A great experience starts with feeling safe. At BB&C your physical safety on our adventures is paramount. Every Adventure Guide is a Certified Hike Leader and Wilderness First Responder, so they’re very well qualified to watch out for your well-being on the trails.


A large part of safety is being aware of your own limitations. Everyone has different physical fitness levels and comfort levels with being outside. At Blue Bark & Co., we encourage you to push beyond hesitation and do more than you believe yourself capable of. But you also need to know your limitations. As the saying goes, know your limit, play within it.

If you’re thinking about coming on an Adventure with us but have concerns about your capabilities, you can get up to snuff before your trip with the Prep Pack. It gives you everything you need to physically prepare for your trip, including a detailed walk schedule and an overview of proper hiking equipment.


At Blue Bark & Co. every Adventure and Forest Therapy Guide holds the certification* to back up their title, and this sets us apart.  With specialized, caring, passionate guides we are able to help you have and adventure to remember!

*All Blue Bark & Co. Forest Therapy Guides hold an Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides or Global Institute of Forest Therapy certification. All Adventure Guides hold an Adventure/Outdoor Education certification.

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