Pre-Trip Checklist

  • Read through all available resources including our cancellation policy

  • Complete medical questionnaire and online waiver (both send via email upon registration)

  • Review recommended packing list and ensure you have the appropriate clothing, footwear  etc.

  • Notify us of any dietary concerns/restrictions as soon as possible to ensure they can be accommodated

  • Chat with one of our guides about your upcoming adventure!  (You will receive a phone call prior to the trip)

*It is important to note that backpacking is a unique activity requiring a certain level of fitness.  Participants are responsible for carrying packs weighing up-to 28 lbs. (trip dependent) over uneven terrain.  

Upon Arrival

Each of our adventures will begin in the main parking area of the Provincial Park listed.  Our guide will meet you there with your parking permit for the trip.    


Once all trip participants have arrived, the group will travel to the departing location/trailhead.  

*Please ensure that you have containers of water with you at trip start.  There may not be a filling station available*

What To Expect

Once gathered, our guide(s) will provide an overview of safety elements for the adventure. 


When stated, there will be a backpacking workshop with required gear, tents, backpacks etc. handed out and the group will pack their belongings.  This workshop usually lasts approximately 1 hour with packing.

The group will begin travelling to their destination at a pace that is comfortable to begin.  Depending on the ability of the group, the pace will stay comfortable for all.  These trips are designed for beginner - intermediate experience levels. 

Throughout the trip, backcountry camping and Leave No Trace principles are taught and practiced.

We love campfires and will attempt to have them when the area allows for this.  The weather and amount of available wood for burning will determine this.

Due to the nature of backpacking, our tents are small enough to fit in our packs and on the campsites.  Participants will be sharing tents (2 people per tent).  


We believe that one of the most important things on any trip is the food that we nourish ourselves with.  A carefully planned out menu plan can turn any trip into a great one!  We don't want to brag...but we have received some of the highest compliments for our meals!


Our menu plans are made using local/organic ingredients when available and are designed with care.  All meals will be dehydrated and recipes will be sent out post-trip.  We'll want the recipes:)  

Each participant will receive a personal meal package at the beginning of the trip full of tasty snacks and meals.  We like to eat together as a group for the main meals however, we encourage eating on these trips and love keeping our snacks close by!

Gear ~ Ours and Yours

Our trips are all-inclusive and fully outfitted.  We understand how expensive it is to collect all of the gear to head out there on your own and we want to help you out with this!  

We have quality backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, mats, cooking/eating containers and more!  

Do you have some of your own gear that you'd like to bring?  We think that's awesome and want to offer a *$25 discount off of the single price provided that you have three or more of the following items:

  • Backpack (50 ltrs. or larger)

  • Sleeping bag (compact)

  • Sleeping pad

  • Compression/Dry Bags

  • Hammock tent or 1-man tent

  • Headlamp

Any participants wishing to bring your own gear on the trip, please notify us at registration to receive approval of gear and discount code.


*Our gear discount is only available on the Single Participant price and is subject to approval from Women Hike Wild.

Want more info?  Give us a call at 705-875-4643, we'd love to chat!

Or send an email to any time

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