Personal transformation coaching for restless professionals who want to live with purpose!



All living beings flourish when their surrounding environment is supportive of their growth needs.  With this in mind, we know that it can take some time to find the right environment for you and being curious about your options is the first step.  

Our approach to coaching is grounded/rooted in partnership; with the natural world and with you. 


Coaching is a process of engaging in purposeful dialogue, creating space and clarity to simply be. Through a process of powerful questioning, coaching seeks to bring new thinking to difficult or challenging experiences, inspiring new behaviours and actions.

First Step - Be Curious

A Curiosity Call is safe, non-committal, and free to you.  With an openness to our curiosities, we will explore any questions and/or thoughts that you may have.  Together we can...

Third Step - Be Open

Second Step - Be True

Notice how you feel about coaching at this time.  Decide if it's the right path for you.

Throughout our coaching journey, we will be partners.  We will stay curious, true, and open with each other to ensure the most

supportive environment.

Final Step - Simply Be

A complimentary and non-commital conversation that will allow us to get to know each other. It's important to have a supportive environment that suits your growth needs!...
Curiosity Call
30 min

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