Blue lichen grows on the bark of trees.  It is a symbiotic relationship between two organisms: fungus & algae.  The former collecting moisture while the latter collects the food.  Both relying on the other.  Neither impact the bark below.

With this relationship in mind, our namesake was born. 

The programs of Blue Bark & Co. are collaborative and community building. 

They are built in partnership with our natural world. 

Jessica Spooner

Founder & Guide

My name is Jess Spooner and just 15 years ago, I had a life that felt like someone else's.  I was working full-time in a job that checked all of the boxes (health benefits, pension, vacation time, flexible schedule, etc.), a house, dog, cats and partner I had lukewarm feelings for.  


At the end of every day, I was exhausted!  I tried everything to shift out of this general fatigue; eating healthy, exercising, and yoga, but nothing seemed to stick.  I would end up feeling tired and just passing the time in the evening by being unproductive. This only led me to feeling guilty for not doing more.  I wanted SO MUCH MORE for my life...this couldn’t be it, could it??


The answer was NO!  


Over the next few years, I left my relationship, took outdoor based education courses and training’s and started a wilderness backpacking company. 

To date, I have guided 200+ women, on over 1000 km of trails with my Women Hike Wild business. This is one of the best jobs in the world!  I have travelled and lived all over Canada and the world, which has allowed me to shed some of the guilt I had been carrying about who I had been BEING until then.  I lived in Central America and found out that I am absolutely terrified of scorpions!


With a passion for sustainable living, I began to teach college students about their environmental impact and how they can take practical action to lower it!  It is here that I learned my most important lesson: Our climate is not changing so rapidly because we simply do not care; we have lost our connection to our natural world.  We cannot care about something that we aren’t connected to.


With this lesson, I set out on a mission to reconnect ourselves with the natural world, ourselves, and each other.  I am a certified Forest Therapy Guide and a certified Wellness Coach. These two approaches, when combined, are a powerful force for personal transformation!    


I absolutely feel at my BEST when outside and working with others!  This passion has been the driving force in my life's work.  I have been committed to following my natural path for over 15 years, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!  

I cannot wait to be a guide for you, while you uncover Your Natural Path! 

 Jess Spooner

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