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Incredible People.

Extraordinary Lives.

 Helping incredible people rediscover and live  extraordinary lives.

We know what it's like to feel like there's more out there for us, but we can't seem to make the shift. 

Do you also feel...

Tired of feeling exhausted?
Stuck in a cycle of inaction?
Busy yet feeling unproductive?
Guilty that you aren't doing more?
Fearful of making a big change in your life?
Longing for a life you love?

Are you ready to IGNITE YOUR FIRE and live fully?

What makes these programs so powerful?

The Natural World 

Wheat Field

How the natural world helps you

Mind • Body • Nature Connection

Blue Bark & Co. uses nature-based approaches in all programs so that you'll receive the oldest guidance (nature's) in a powerfully supportive way!

Some of the many benefits include:

• Stress reduction
• Greater physical health
• Enhanced sleep patterns
• More creativity
• Renewed sense of play
• Stronger sense of belonging
• More stable emotions
• Deeper sense of spirit
• Greater self-confidence
• Improved memory

Blue Bark & Co. programs:


Create stillness in your life and mind!



Reclaim the life you want to live!



Some fun gifts we think you'll like!

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We used all our senses to connect with and appreciate the natural world where our only distractions were the birds and rustling branches.

 It was an opportunity to leave all daily distractions behind for a few hours and just concentrate on the natural world and all that it offers us in a healing, comforting way.

— Cheryl Hartwick

This experience gives me the permission to slow down my mind and body which allows me to connect with nature, which creates healing.  I love the sense of community that Forest Therapy brings with like minded people when we come together with the talking stick to share our personal experience if we like, with no judgement. Just everyone holding space for one another.

— Tracy MacDonald

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